How to coat the edges of a table top or bar top with epoxy resin

UltraClear's bar and table top epoxy is designed to coat the edges of a surface as you pour without needing to place a border or raised edge around the surface.

You'll want to put some 4 mil painters plastic down around your work area to catch any epoxy drops that fall to the floor. The epoxy will self-level on the surface of the bar and drip over the edges, coating the sides.

Pour it deliberately to ensure that the sides get coated well. As it flows, the epoxy resin will conform to the sides and continue to wrap around the bottom of your surface until its thickness underneath has reached 1/4 to 1/2 of an inch. After that point, additional epoxy may start forming little icicle shapes underneath until it hardens.

After the epoxy has cured you can sand away any hardened epoxy as needed.

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