UltraClear Art & Craft Epoxy Instructions

Full Instructions for UltraClear Art & Craft Epoxy can be found at the link below:

UltraClear Art & Craft Epoxy Instructions

What is the impact of temperature changes on epoxy resin?

Temperature changes influence the application and curing process of epoxy resin. When it is cooler, the material becomes thicker, flows less easily, and might not self-level properly, taking longer to cure. In contrast, higher temperatures cause epoxy resin to cure more rapidly. To achieve optimal UV-Art Epoxy results, apply it in an environment with a temperature between 75°F–80°F (24°C–27°C).

Is it possible to apply multiple coats of epoxy resin, and how is this done?

Indeed, you can apply multiple coats of epoxy resin depending on the requirements of your project. The determining factor for this procedure is whether the previous layer has cured completely. If the earlier coat is still sticky to the touch, you can add another layer directly on top of it. However, if the previous coat has fully cured, you'll need to sand it first to provide a suitable surface for the new layer to adhere to.

Can epoxy resin be tinted or colored?

Absolutely! You can use our Pigmently Mica Powders and Liquid Dyes to produce eye-catching designs. While the majority of mica powders and dyes are compatible with our epoxy, we recommend obtaining them beforehand to ensure the best results.


Safety First

PRIOR TO USE: Carefully review the Safety Data Sheets and product labels, and adhere to all safety guidelines and instructions. Keep the product away from children. Refrain from eating, drinking, or smoking while mixing the material. Prevent contact with skin or eyes. Use protective gloves, like butyl rubber or nitrile rubber. Thoroughly cleanse skin with soap and water after handling the material. Wear eye protection, such as chemical safety glasses or goggles. In case of spills, collect the material and avoid environmental release. Dispose of the mixed material in accordance with local, regional, and national regulations.

When using UltraClear Art & Craft Epoxy, which contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), it is important to follow these safety precautions:

• Wear safety glasses and gloves

• Ensure good ventilation in the workspace

• Avoid contact with skin

Workspace Preparation

Ensure the project area is clean, dry, free of dirt and dust, and level for best results, as epoxy resin self-levels. Use wax paper to protect surfaces.

*Do not apply this product over oil-based stains, paints, or urethanes.

Temperature and humidity affect epoxy resin. For the best results and ideal working and curing conditions, maintain room temperatures of 75°F–80°F (24°C–27°C) and humidity levels below 85%.

Required Tools

• Wax Paper – for surface protection

• Stir Sticks – for mixing purposes

• Mixing Containers

• Paint Brushes/Spatula – for application

Torch/Heat Gun – to eliminate bubbles


Measuring & Mixing

Mix UltraClear Art & Craft Epoxy in a 1:1 ratio by volume, combining 1 part A (resin) with 1 part B (hardener) in a container. Stir until clear and fully blended, scraping the container's sides and bottom during mixing.

Avoid beating or whipping the epoxy to mix. Stir a maximum of 1 gallon for 5–6 minutes. Mix only what you need, as leftover epoxy cannot be saved. Use new, clean containers for each batch.

Be ready to pour immediately after mixing, as letting the mixture sit in the container can cause premature curing.

Pouring & Spreading

SEAL COAT: Apply a thin seal coat to all porous surfaces before a flood coat. Proceed to the flood coat 3 hours after the last seal coat.

FLOOD COAT: UltraClear Art & Craft Epoxy is designed for 1/8" thick pours but can be applied up to 1/4" thick. Pour another layer 4–6 hours after the previous one. If more than 10 hours have passed, lightly sand (200–300 grit) and clean the previous layer before adding a new one.

Removing Bubbles

Use a torch or heat gun 8" from the surface in a waving motion to remove bubbles. Apply heat intermittently for up to 40 minutes after a flood coat. Avoid applying heat after 40 minutes to prevent burning the epoxy.

Working & Curing Times

UltraClear Art & Craft Epoxy has a working time of 30–40 minutes once mixed, and full curing takes 72 hours.

Clean Up & Disposal

Clean tools and surfaces with acetone, rubbing alcohol, or nail polish remover. Dispose of fully cured epoxy as non-hazardous waste in most municipalities.

Storing Unused Resin

Unmixed resin and hardener can be stored for up to 6 months in original containers in a cool, dry place. Over time, unused material may develop a yellow or amber hue, which is normal for most epoxies.

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