Epoxy Coverage Calculator - Bar & Table Epoxy

Our epoxy coverage chart will tell you how much epoxy you need for a bar top, table top, and countertop. For fast and accurate results, use our free Epoxy Calculator.

Note: this coverage chart is only for UltraClear Bar & Table Top Epoxy.

Our calculator for the deep pour epoxy is here.

For most applications, UltraClear Epoxy is applied in two stages: a seal coat stage and a flood coat stage.

Seal coat: The seal coat is a small batch of epoxy that is brushed on in a thin layer to seal any pores in the surface and prevent air bubbles from forming in the following flood coat. Our table top epoxy is used for both the seal coat and the flood coat. It is the same product that is applied to the surface with a paint brush.

Flood coat: A flood coat is added four to six hours after the seal coat is applied; simply pour a batch of mixed table top epoxy resin onto the substrate surface, and it will self-level to 1/8" thick.

Sides and edges: When pouring over the sides and edges of a table top, countertop, or bar top, make sure that you purchase extra material to account for spillage over the sides, as you will lose 30% of the material coating them.

Note: Covering embedded objects will require additional epoxy. Make sure you have accounted for this.

*The calculations below are (either) (or) for the seal coat and flood coat. For example, one gallon will cover either 16 sq.ft. for a flood coat or 48 sq.ft. for a seal coat, NOT BOTH. These calculations are not intended to give more than a rough estimate. Precise epoxy needs will vary according to many factors, including application type and surface material. For specific advice regarding your project, contact our customer service department.

*Please note: 1 gallon combined = 1/2 gallon resin and 1/2 gallon hardener

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