Epoxy Coverage Calculator - Deep Pour Epoxy

Use our epoxy resin calculator to estimate how much deep pour epoxy resin you need for a river table or casting project.

Note: this coverage chart is only for UltraClear Deep Pour Epoxy

Our calculator for the bar and table top epoxy is here.

You may also calculate coverage manually using the following epoxy coverage: 

Volume: calculated by multiplying the length x width x coating thickness.

1/4" thick: 1.5 gallon kit covers - 10 sq ft

1/2" thick: 1.5 gallon kit covers - 5 sq ft

1" thick: 1.5 gallon kit covers - 2.5 sq ft

Dry to Touch: 12-18 hours

Recoat within: 12-24 hours

Light Use: 72 hours

Deep Pour Epoxy Calculator

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