What are the working times of UltraClear epoxies?

The working time differs based on the type of epoxy:

  • UltraClear bar and table top epoxy - 5 minutes of pot life after mixing
    • Generally, the application after mixing should only take two or three minutes. You'll have twenty minutes to get your next batch poured onto the previous batch, so there is no need to rush. This time limit is refreshed each time you pour a new batch over a previous one.
    • For projects with a large surface area, we recommend having multiple people help: one person can mix a batch while another person pours one that is already mixed. Repeat this process until the entire area is covered.
  • UltraClear deep pour epoxy - 20 to 30 minutes of pot life after mixing
    • The deep pour epoxy provides a more generous working time. You should have no trouble accomplishing the pour before it starts to cure too much.

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